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Roller Spray Equipment

 Roller spray equipment (drum roll swing spraying equipment, spraying machine, also called swing) spray machine is my company based on years of design experience in manufacturing and customer's production needs, based on constant communication with the German experts, through constant practice, summarize and improve, painstaking research, has been basically mature and get a new production equipment for customer approval.

The device for heating inside the drum by the heating system, heating system configuration of intelligent temperature control device, real-time monitoring of heating box and cylinder temperature, automatically open the backup heating group under low temperature, when the temperature is too high off the standby heating group or close the heating system.

At the same time heating system configuration has 0.75KW explosion-proof fan a, timely send the heated gas into the cylinder. In the electrical control system, in order to ensure the safety, the fan must precede the heating box is opened. Drum has a closed external shell, divided into the upper cover and the two part of the drum shell, in which the rotation, heating and spraying. In order to prevent diffusion of spray and heating heat and toxic gases, the upper cover is additionally provided with a rubber sealing ring. The self rotating drum system by a rotary motor and reducer etc..