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Cleaning Equipment

Suitable for mass production, cleaning workload machinery manufacturing industry, cleaning is also widely used in transportation, petroleum chemical industry, light industry products, equipment repair and other industries, small parts. For before plating, before and after heat treatment, product assembly before the cleaning is also very fit, also can be used for cleaning metal utensils and all kinds of plastic products, such as food, such as parts of various types of turnover box.
②.Products Description:
Process: artificial feeding, cleaning, mist, rinsing, mist suction, compressed air blowing water, hot air drying, artificial feeding;
The equipment consists of body, frame, water tank and filtration system, sprinkler system, fog absorbing system, compressed air system, water delivery systems, hot air drying system, electric control system etc..
③.Working principle of the:
The oil on the surface of the workpiece and the dirt is cleaned, injection combined with mechanical force flow under heat and metal detergent in the washing machine, to make it moist, softening, separation, and then by the cleaning fluid to dirt particles away, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
④.Technology parameters:
A, Cleaning pump: 43.3m3/h 60m 15KW
B, Volume of the water tank: about 1.2m3
C, Conveying speed: 0.9m/min
D, Delivery way: chain conveyor belt through continuous
E, Cleaning method: water spray, cleaning of the workpiece from the up and down about four directions.